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Alex Philips

Chief Information Officer

Alex Philips
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People, Process, and Technology are the three legs of any mature Cybersecurity program. If any one of the three are weak, there will be problems.
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Transformation Journey

Alex Philips is the Chief Information Officer of NOV Inc. In this position, Alex is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Information Technologies, Systems, Applications, and Security to further our strategic goals. Alex joined Phoenix Energy Services, now a part of NOV Inc., in 1997 as an IT Network Administrator. During Alex’s 25-year tenure at NOV Inc., he has served in various roles including IT Infrastructure Manager, ERP Director, and, Chief Information Security Officer. Alex was promoted to Chief Information Officer in July 2015. He is a graduate of Rice University with a Master of Business Administration.

Lessons Learned

1. Pick solutions that can easily scale both up and down!

2. Re-evaluate what is critical. What was must have years ago may now not matter.

3. Consumer products drive business tool expectations.

4. Multiple ways to accomplish a task is many times more important than tool resiliency.

5. Pick solutions that maximize Anytime, Anywhere, Almost Any Device.


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