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Anand Bahl


Anand Bahl
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The tremendous compute power of the cloud enables real-time collaboration in native languages for our globally diverse workforce, and takes our collaboration and productivity to the next level.
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Transformation Journey

Micron continues to focus on modernizing our platforms with particular emphasis on improving, accelerating, and digitizing our business processes. This enables a mobile experience wherever possible, and continues our cloud journey. When the pandemic began, the cloud let us quickly scale a large, global work-from-home presence. We are continuing our cloud journey by refactoring our applications to take advantage of cloud capability and elasticity. Micron launched a digital transformation strategy that involves providing the resources and time for team members to stay ahead of the evolving technical landscape (Micron University). We've added real-time yield image analytics, enhanced supply chain planning tools and capabilities, and improved our collaborative and productive environments. This includes AR/VR remote assist, an improved end-user experience (Aternity), and using Workday/ServiceNow/Zoom for collaborative improvement across a diverse workforce.

Lessons Learned

Moving to the cloud isn’t just a cost-saving convenience: it is a production necessity. Starting our journey was, at times, difficult due to a lack of experience and understanding of the benefits of the cloud. We started with some small initiatives, and the team quickly saw some of the benefits related to time-to-market, scale, and capability. This soon became self-sustaining, leading to other initiatives as the team saw how much faster we could deliver critical capability to our business partners.