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Brett James

CTO in Residence

Brett James
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"Moving to the cloud” is really just another way of saying “Making the company more agile." You get services that you can use wherever you want, pay for only what you use and the best part, someone else manages the boring stuff for you. Selecting the right partners will make that journey a seamless transformation, not an interruption to your business.
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Transformation Journey

Brett is an IT infrastructure and security leader with 20 years experience spanning operations across six continents. Prior to joining Zscaler, Brett led Bechtel Corporation's journey towards Zero Trust while directing multi-disciplinary teams across the globe. Brett's career has evolved from help desk support, server and datacenter operations, through to leading regional and global teams with responsibilities across operations, engineering design and architecture disciplines. That wide experience gave him in-depth knowledge of a diverse range of technologies and disciplines plus the capability to direct teams who manage them.

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