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After M&A completion, Zero Trust allows IT teams to focus on integrating data, systems, and applications on their own terms, where and however it best meets the business’ needs.
Pam Kubiatowski
Field CTO - AMS,Zscaler
We are only just beginning our journey to apply AI and ML to impact customer cloud transformations.
Howie Xu
VP of ML/AI,Zscaler
Zero Trust extends security protection to mobile devices so that field staff can access core applications with the same level of security controls as HQ-based workers.
Sudip Banerjee
Field CTO - APJ,Zscaler
The new cyber-threat era is complex, accelerated, and unrelenting.
Kavitha Mariappan
EVP, Customer Experience and Transformation,Zscaler
Platform Services and Digital Ecosystems provide the base for secure and sustainable IT services.
Christoph Heidler
CIO (former),Zscaler