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Daan Huybregts

CTO in Residence

Daan Huybregts - Field CTO - EMEA
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Digital transformation for any business consists of network, application, security, and people aspects. People are one of the most important factors, as we have to reinvent how we do things.
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Transformation Journey

Daan is an IT Executive with 15 years enterprise IT experience leading infrastructure and M&A teams for a global Fortune 500 company, specializing in organization transformation, managing complex networks, and mergers and acquisitions.

In previous roles, Daan created and implemented organizations' global cloud strategy and shifted away from centralized MPLS to direct-to-internet architectures for multiple organizations, with an average size of 40K+ seats across 70 countries globally.

Having been responsible for design, implementation, and operations, Daan understands first-hand the benefits and internal challenges in deploying and supporting ZIA/ZPA.

Lessons Learned

The biggest mistake I’ve seen organizations make is to aim for perfection right off the bat. Digital transformation is a journey, which requires a clearly defined phased approach. Also, in terms of implementation, it’s better to get started with a minimal policy, giving instant security uplift and more over visibility, than to try to implement a granular and restrictive policy day one.