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Daniel Ballmer

Senior Transformation Analyst

Dan Ballmer
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You can't build your way out of a combat zone. Every visible piece of "fortified infrastructure" added to the security stack also increases the attack surface.
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Transformation Journey

Dan Ballmer is a Senior Transformation Analyst for the CXO REvolutionaries & Community at Zscaler. He’s held writing, research, and cybersecurity positions while working with several organizations in the IT security industry, including Mircrosoft, Cylance, BlackBerry, and ShiftLeft. His specializations are CXO thought leadership, content creation, and technical research.


Dan has produced top-performing cybersecurity reports, content widely shared by news media, and highly engaging technical articles for general audiences. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Northern Michigan University, and holds multiple technical and cybersecurity certifications from the University of Texas at Austin.