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Daniel Remarc Bognar

Head of Network Architecture

Daniel Remarc Bognar
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Introducing an AD tiering model during a cyber attack feels like doing brain surgery in a conscious patient. It’s better to prevent a cyber attack than to react to the chaos.
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Transformation Journey

Daniel leads Norsk Hydro's team that drives zero trust network architecture strategy in order to ensure a modern enterprise and industrial network. As a stakeholder in the cyber response program, his role is to continuously monitor and introduce new technologies in the network that can help Hydro to strengthen its cyber defense.

Daniel's team moved Norsk Hydro from MPLS to SD-WAN and local breakouts back in 2016. After a ransomware attack, he moved the company to a full ZTNA architecture in order to create a secure environment. 

Lessons Learned

Imagine a burglar sees a big house protected by security cameras, dogs, and patrols. He might think that the house has a lot of valuables inside. While that might be true, thieves are usually looking for easy targets.

It’s the same with enterprises. A ZTNA architecture might not give 100% protection against sophisticated attackers, but it does make your company less desirable, and cybercriminals will lose interest.

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