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David Avery

Transformation Analyst

David Avery
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Cloud computing spending is expected to grow at better than 6x the rate of IT spending through 2024. Ensuring security needs to be (and will be) a major chunk of that spend.
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Transformation Journey

David is responsible for developing compelling thought-leadership content for the C-suite. This includes bylines, best practice guides, books, customer journeys, web content, and transformation playbooks. Prior to Zscaler, David served as a Director of Content Percona, where he managed content creation processes and programs focused on driving C-level leads and capturing executive-level mindshare. At Percona, he was responsible for editing and managing the Percona Database Performance Blog, which drew over 4.5 million visitors a year. David’s writing has covered all aspects of IT networks, with concentrations in networking protocols, open source databases, digital transformation, enterprise cloud migration, security, and in-memory computing. His articles have appeared in InfoWorld, TechTarget, Forbes, Fortune, and DBTA.