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Deepak Patel

OT/IoT/IIoT Security, Office of the CEO

Deepak Patel
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CIOs and CISOs are used to calling the shots when it comes to IT security. But to secure Operational Technology (OT) for the new cloud- and mobile-first enterprise, they must put aside "I-know-best" biases to prioritize what supports the entire organization’s goals.
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Transformation Journey

I love establishing product-market-fit, the intrigue of taking innovative technologies and creating a business is beyond exciting. Collaborating with customers from discovery through production deployment springs me out of my bed every day. I engage with founders creating minimum viable products and execution on the vision. Interfacing with customer success helps me stay grounded. I refine the go-to-market strategy constantly. The product-market-fit journey culminates with the creation of enterprise-class solutions with clear differentiation.