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Dominique Tessaro


Dominique Tessaro
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Digital transformation success must be measured by user adoption and return on investment.
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Transformation Journey

Dominique Tessaro is an IT executive leader responsible for deploying ERP’s and business process digital transformation solution for tens of thousands of employees across enterprise business units and a Green IT initiative architect. VINCI Energies and Dominique Tessaro recognized the need for transformative change to their IT architecture years before the COVID-19 pandemic. Their early efforts to institute a Zero Trust architecture had a two-fold effect: They were able to adapt quickly to the pandemic and safely deploy employees to home offices within weeks, and executives saw the agile and resilient nature of Zero Trust that allowed the business to remain productive and performant even during massive change.

Lessons Learned

It's important to communicate well and often to both executive teams and the enterprise as a whole. Secure digital transformation is a journey—one taken by the whole organization. The issues and technologies are complex, and some don't understand the need for change. Have a plan, demonstrate how the plan brings value, and share those wins early and often.

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