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Frederik Janssen

CIO for Digital Industries

Frederik Janssen
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We made the decision for our 1,900 global sites to use the internet as our primary transport layer. We had to fundamentally change the way we viewed our network architecture.
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Transformation Journey

Frederik Janssen is CIO for Digital Industries at Siemens. He is an energetic, fast-paced leader skilled in digital transformation and innovation, IT strategy, procurement, IT service management, and IT governance.

Over his nearly two-decade tenure at Siemens, he has held a variety of leadership roles, including, Program Lead Global IT Transformation, Global Head of Service Portfolio & Lifecycle Management, and Head of Corporate Governance IT Infrastructure. 


Lessons Learned

Create a bold vision and mission statement and communicate it internally in a very aggressive way. You need to know exactly what you need to make your cloud journey happen and you need to get everyone fully behind it. And then you would also need to support the first movers. You should pick some lighthouse candidates for transformation. Ensure the close interaction and cooperation with respective departments, especially those that are responsible for cyber security or information security, protection, export control, and all the other critical support functions that have a say in the whole process.

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