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Hansang Bae

Public Sector Chief Technologist

Hansang Bae - Public Sector Chief Technologist
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We are on the cusp of being able to create a network that mirrors the human body’s capacity to find issues and heal them before the whole body succumbs. We will be able to build a resilient network that is not brittle - an organic network that can heal itself, a network that can be vaccinated from infection and infrastructure that can protect the most important applications for the most important people at the most important time.
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Transformation Journey

Hansang Bae is the public sector chief technologist at Zscaler where he supports public sector organizations in their mission to transform and modernize securely. Previously, Bae held technology leadership roles at Netskope and Riverbed Technology and was a Citi (Citigroup) Architecture and Technology Engineering team member. As one of the six global engineering leads, he was responsible for performance engineering, network management (NMS) tools, and capacity planning groups for all of Citi. Bae is a world-renown expert in packet analysis with contributions to Wireshark open-source development.