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Howard Sherrington

Director of Transformation Strategy (former)

Howard Sherrington
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Enacting change is hard. You need consensus to overcome inertia. Empower leaders with information, a clear business strategy, and open communication for digital transformation to succeed.
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Transformation Journey

As the former Executive Product Manager for Networks & Security at the BBC, Howard was the Head of Technology for enterprise networks, responsible for everything from Enterprise Architecture to implementation and evolution.  Howard championed and led the delivery of both ZIA and ZPA to 30,000 users and developed the roadmap for further adoption of zero-trust using Zscaler products.


He brings many years of technical, governance, and delivery experience in globally distributed enterprises and is a strong proponent of transformation that encompasses both technological and cultural change. Howard has strong experience in network and security transformation, multi-cloud adoption, ZIA, and ZPA alongside key business skills in strategy, roadmaps, bid-writing, and stakeholder engagement.

Lessons Learned

The days of set-and-forget infrastructure deployments that don’t survive contact with reality and don't adapt to change are being relegated to the past. Plant a flag in the ground and start change. Build a minimum viable product and iterate from there.

Your strategic plan should move your business goals forward, quickly. Otherwise, why are you doing it?