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Jaye Tillson

Head of Architecture

Jaye Tillson
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The CEO, CFO, and HR VP all said: 'Thank you for what IT did to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.' It's a great feeling!
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Transformation Journey

Jaye is an ambitious and self-motivated technology leader with 20+ years of experience delivering strategic and cross-enterprise technical programs. These include multiple global mergers and acquisitions across multiple countries, totaling over £1billion in value, as well as several large-scale global transformation programs that delivered significant operational efficiencies. At TT Electronics, Jaye oversaw a transition to zero trust that was accelerated by the global pandemic. To maintain business continuity and support its global customers, the company’s IT teams implemented Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange. Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange allowed TT Electronics to consolidate multiple vendors into one solution, reducing costs by 30-40%.

Lessons Learned

It’s essential to ensure that the right level of detail is communicated clearly to the right people across the organization to guarantee the success of any project—especially security projects. Different people require different information, and will need it communicated in different ways. Building relationships with key stakeholders in advance will ensure that you understand who should be involved and what level of detail they require. Keeping things simple is critical, and building on easy wins and success stories over time helps people understand the changes and value each step adds to the overall transformation journey.

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