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Kevin Schwarz


Kevin Schwarz
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Work-from-home policies and practices will become a more robust part of daily enterprise culture and an entry point for network transformation. There is an enterprise need for flexible and scalable secure application access—in the immediate crisis and beyond. And that makes now a perfect time to begin network transformation.
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Transformation Journey

As a Global Product Manager for Network Security Services at DHL, Kevin was the Champion and Program Lead for the ZIA rollout to 200k Users, including SSL inspection. Overall, he brings many years of project management, program management, and management consulting experience for global enterprises. Kevin was responsible for software rollouts (e.g., SaaS like ServiceNow) and large telecom transition/transformation and global network security programs with a reporting line to the corporate board of a top 30 DAX company with more than 500k employees. Kevin can support you by bringing in experience from a company that is deployed across 12K sites. He brings an operator's viewpoint on managing governances, building internal business cases, and helping manage practical rollout-related dynamics (e.g., to SSL Inspection).