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Larry Biagini

Chief Technology Evangelist

Larry Biagini
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The modern CIO has to understand where the business is trying to go, because if a business isn’t growing, it’s dying and everyone out there knows that they’re at threat from digital companies.
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Transformation Journey

Larry Biagini is a retired CTO and CIO who has made instituting zero trust practices at global enterprises his new mission. Larry’s focus during his executive career was contemporizing infrastructure, employee services, and deploying cloud technology to enable the secure usage of those services by employees, customers, and partners. Larry held various positions in information technology, including Vice President, IT Risk, with responsibility for all aspects of risk, governance, and security. Larry was instrumental in driving successful technology integrations of global mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Larry spent 26 years at GE in various roles. Prior to GE, Larry led international applications for Emery Air Freight and was Director of Financial Applications for Olin Chemical. Larry’s career has spanned 35 years in technology, covering manufacturing, logistics, and financial systems. Industrial verticals include healthcare, media, aviation, and energy. Larry is a recognized global leader in creating environments that enable businesses to take advantage of new technologies in a reliable and secure manner.


Lessons Learned

Anytime you are going through a change, you have to make it personal. You have to make change resonate with individual stakeholders and teams. If they are the tailwind behind digital transformation, you are much better off. Without that support, your digital transforamtion will be more difficult and likely fail.