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Marc De Serio


Marc De Serio
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I encourage any organization to embrace a cloud infrastructure transformation that works and supports their enterprise-wide strategic plan. When done effectively, IT leaders can balance costs, improve resiliency, and create a more agile company that fosters a collaborative culture.
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Transformation Journey

Marc De Serio is an energetic technology and thought leader adept at assessing and implementing digital strategies by promoting ownership, accountability, responsiveness, and innovation. He has used these traits to drive efficient business-oriented results at the Henry M. Jackson Foundation of Military Medicine and other organizations. At the HJF, Marc used zero trust principles and architectures to move all employees to work-from-home within 48 hours of COVID-19 lockdown notifications—with no change in user experience. He has also spearheaded a secure digital transformation of IT focused on automation associated with research operations.

Lessons Learned

The fundamental building blocks of a secure digital transformation must include a shift in organizational culture towards security through an effective change management program. This includes communications, continuous education, and a focus on individual responsibility in protecting information both in work and in their personal lives.

By this REvolutionary

Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine (HJF)