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Martyn Ditchburn

Director of Transformation Strategy

Martyn Ditchburn
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Staying as you are is hard and transformation is no easy feat. Empower your IT leaders to make the tough choice. Only one of these will bring you success and drive-up innovation. Choose your Hard!
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Transformation Journey

Martyn is an IT executive with 15 years enterprise IT experience leading cloud and infrastructure for a global FTSE 100 company. He specializes in rapid cloud adoption, network transformation through zero trust and bringing organizations together with better technology during mergers and acquisition.

In his previous role as Head of Cloud and Infrastructure for Informa, he conceived, designed, and executed the organization cloud-only strategy and established the first devops teams and agile practices to embrace modern ways of working.

As champion of the digital workplace, he supported the transition of hundreds of branch offices to café style collaborative hubs, removing MPLS/VPLS to reduce complexity and cost whilst also driving secure connectivity over the internet making it the new corporate network.

With his strategic, design, implementation, and operations experience, Martyn understands first-hand the benefits and internal challenges for cloud adoption, zero trust, and DevOps/Agile transformation.


Lessons Learned

Infuse your talent with energy and purpose by aligning all that they do with clear business outcomes.  Foster a culture of trust and allow them to fail fast and succeed often.