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Michael Gorriz

Former Group CIO

Michael Gorriz
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The ultimate goal should be to minimise the attack surface by making the infrastructure invisible to attackers. Micro-segmentation at the level of the individual application, which can be achieved with zero trust, helps here.
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Transformation Journey

Michael Gorriz is based in Singapore and Europe and is a recently retired customer from Standard Chartered Bank, where he served as the Group CIO for Technology & Innovation for seven years. Prior to that, Michael served as the CIO for Daimler. He is currently a Board member of Mox in Hong Kong, a virtual bank owned by Standard Chartered Bank, HK telecom and C-trip, a Board member of Swiss IT Security, a boutique consultancy for cybersecurity in Switzerland and Germany, and a board member for Kyberlife, an e-commerce marketplace startup for life sciences, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries and spends his time with a few other start-up energy and tech companies.

Lessons Learned

While at Standard Chartered Bank, Michael was a strong Zscaler advocate and oversaw the implementation of ZIA, ZPA, and ZDX. Zscaler is currently protecting 100k users with over 80 billion transactions processed in the last three months at Standard Chartered Bank. While there, Michael decided to embrace a zero trust strategy to help the bank on their migration to the cloud while improving the Cyber resilience. Michael says he and his team ultimately decided to deploy Zscaler for its performance and long-term vision.

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