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Ted Ross

General Manager, CIO

Ted Ross
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Los Angeles residents, businesses, and visitors deserve responsive, responsible, and excellent technology. That requires both doing the right things and doing things right.
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Transformation Journey

Ted Ross is an IT professional who is passionate about the technology that improves life for Los Angeles’ four million residents, 500,000 businesses, and 48 million visitors—chatbots, earthquake early warning systems, teleworking. As examples, the City of LA migrated over 18K employees to telework during the COVID-19 pandemic, was the first U.S. city to deploy an earthquake early warning app (ShakeAlertLA), distributed over 3,500 computers and free Internet to families in need (OurCycleLA), was the first big city to provide an Alexa skill to better connect Angelenos with their government, and was the first big city to introduce 5G cellular with over 3,000 access points and counting.

Lessons Learned

Really get to know your customers and the technology opportunities relevant to them. Too often, technology is purchased without a good understanding of the customers and the challenges at hand.