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Thomas Likas

Head Of Cyber Security Enterprise Architecture

Thomas Likas
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Digital transformation is a business transformation for IT, not an IT transformation for the business.
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Transformation Journey

Takeda has been in a constant state of transformation, following a number of large-scale acquisitions (Millennium, Nycomed, Shire), and has constantly strived to drive the harmonization of IT systems while reducing technical debt. The latest digital transformation effort is centered around a massive migration of workloads into AWS, significantly reducing their data center footprint and paving the way for end-to-end, data-driven decision making Takeda's transformation journey includes reshaping four major Takeda IT landscapes into a unified, consolidated environment, reworking Takeda and Shire security landscapes with a focus on perimeter controls and ZeroTrust, and a (just started) major AWS transformation effort.

Lessons Learned

Transformation is not effective if handled as an IT effort. You must involve business leadership early, get endorsement for strategic goals and necessary changes. Include application strategy in the transformation plan from day one. Don’t plant transformation with infrastructure first, and leave the rest for later. Application and data delivery must be at the center of transformational efforts.

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