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Toph Whitmore

Transformation Analyst

Toph Whitmore
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So-called “castle-and-moat” security was designed more than a half-century ago to protect pre-internet, in-place LANs. Today, it cannot effectively secure work done outside the network perimeter.
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Transformation Journey

Toph is responsible for developing compelling thought-leadership content for the C-suite. Prior to Zscaler, Toph served as a Principal Analyst at Blue Hill Research where he led the Big Data & Analytics practice, and was tasked with contributing to the research agenda, delivering qualitative and quantitative research analysis of technology trends, and advising enterprise clients. His research interests include cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, DataOps, and enterprise risk management. A former journalist, management consultant, and marketing executive, Toph's writing has appeared in GigaOM, DevOps Angle, and The Huffington Post, among other media.