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Vish Narendra


Vish	Narendra
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Our biggest competitor had a massive attack this year, making security a board-level topic at our company. I feel confident knowing that our zero trust architecture is in place.
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Transformation Journey

As CIO for Graphic Packaging International, Vish Narendra is responsible for global digital transformation and building a real-time business. He and his team support all applications, infrastructure, and cybersecurity globally and have spent the last few years supporting rapid business growth and expansion. This includes instituting zero trust as a way of securely connecting users to applications no matter where either sit. At GPI, Vish had to move all employees remote when COVID-19 hit, and lockdowns became the norm. Due to early investment in zero trust solutions, this process was very nearly seamless and allowed the company to maintain productivity and safety.

Lessons Learned

Just because you are doing security, doesn't mean it needs to be complicated. Keep your security simple so that users lives will be simplified. Zero trust can help you accomplish this.

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