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February 2022

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Managing Complexity Through M&A and Divestitures

A merger and acquisition (M&A) or divestiture is a pivotal phase for any organization to navigate, but it is also a great opportunity for positive change. You can use the transition period to implement better processes going forward. Your role is also vitally important in the due diligence process that leads up to deals, as you’re responsible for reviewing technical publications, evaluating patents, and, ultimately, determining the valuation of the target company. And, as all technology leaders have learned over the last couple years, onboarding, aligning, and working in today’s remote and hybrid work environments requires even more planning and forethought. Join your peers in a discussion about how to best navigate technology infrastructure changes that inevitably come with M&A and divestiture.

Discussion topic 1: People

  • How do you build trust among new and existing team members?

  • What tools and techniques have you used to maintain open communication and share knowledge among your technical team members?

  • How do you ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruption to user productivity?

Discussion topic 2: Technology

  • Which technology integrations and innovations would you prioritize in an M&A or divestiture environment?

  • How do you ensure secure platform integration with minimal impact to user productivity and business continuity?

  • How have you found success using zero trust or other technology to simply deploy software and route users to apps?

CXO Regional Roundtable
CXO Regional Roundtable