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March 2023


Washington, DC
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Resilience in the Cloud: Navigating Disruption and Ensuring Business Continuity

Given the widespread adoption of hybrid work and an increasing reliance on cloud-based applications, the cloud has become critical infrastructure for modern enterprises. But the threat of disruption from catastrophic events including state-backed cyberattacks, vandalism, and natural disasters is ever-present. This session will bring together IT and security leaders to discuss challenges and strategies for building cloud resilience and ensuring high-availability, including how to prepare for and quickly recover from “black swan” events.

Attendees will discuss the importance of integrated services in cloud security platforms, including disaster recovery, dynamic performance-based selection, and customer-controlled data center exclusion. Learn about the benefits of cloud-native zero trust architecture in ensuring business continuity and how to assess the resilience of your existing infrastructure. Join your peers to share practical advice and real-world examples of ensuring secure, high-availability cloud-based systems and applications.

Potential Discussion Topics

  • What are the biggest challenges in building resilience in the cloud, and how can organizations overcome them?

  • How does a cloud-native zero trust architecture contribute to ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster or security breach?

  • What should IT and security leaders consider when assessing the resilience of their current cloud infrastructure, and what steps can they take to improve it?

  • How can organizations ensure the security of their cloud-based systems and data in the face of state-backed cyberattacks and acts of vandalism?

  • How can organizations strike a balance between protecting their critical systems and applications and maintaining business continuity in the face of a disaster or security breach?

  • How can IT executives best convey cloud criticality and the dangers of black swan events to board members?

CXO Regional Roundtable
CXO Regional Roundtable