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July 2022

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Zero Trust Approach to Security for State and Local Government

The cloud and remote work have removed traditional security boundaries. As a State CISO, the responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders to prevent compromise, lateral movement of attacks, and data loss. A zero trust approach to your overall security, where you challenge everything and trust nothing, is your most powerful secret weapon. In this discussion, you’ll have the opportunity to exchange views and strategies on adopting enterprise-wide solution across your state and individual agencies to strengthen your security postures and thrive in a cloud smart world.


Discussion topic 1: Practical strategies

  • What learnings have you derived from implementing zero trust?

  • How has zero trust impacted your remote architecture’s attack surface?

  • How can zero trust mitigate VPN traffic overwhelm in a remote work environment?

  • In what ways does zero trust allow for more resiliency and ability to adapt?

Discussion topic 2: Gaining buy-in for zero trust enterprise-wide

  • How do you integrate zero trust into your digital enterprise’s DNA?

  • How do you justify the imperative to implement zero trust to board members?

  • What specific actions have you taken to engage users and get them to adopt a zero trust mindset?

CXO Regional Roundtable
CXO Regional Roundtable