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November 2022


74 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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Tackling Australia’s evolving threat landscape

In the wake of recent high-profile data breaches, the global threat landscape is top of mind for everyone from Anthony Albanese to your next-door neighbors. The pressure is on security leaders as sophisticated state-based hacks threaten government, critical infrastructure, and the private sector. Fragile supply chain vulnerabilities highlight the need for digital transformation as calls for growing sovereign and trusted capabilities within Australia grow louder. Join this interactive session to discuss best practices for driving successful digital transformation at scale. 

Discussion Topic #1: What is the role of the private sector in preventing or responding to high-profile data breaches?

  • How can private companies employ effective security measures rather than implementing security processes that tick a regulatory checkbox but fail to protect them?

  • How should a company secure customer data, how much should they collect, and how long should they keep it?

  • Why have multiple, massive, security breaches around the world been insufficient at motivating industries to self-regulate cybersecurity risks, and can better incentives be self-imposed?

Discussion Topic #2: What is the role of the public sector in preventing or responding to high-profile data breaches?

  • How can the public sector provide a unified, cohesive, cybersecurity framework that clearly defines agency responsibilities and provides actionable guidance to the private sector?

  • What are the most effective tools the government has for reducing cyberattacks against public and private organisations?

  • What should the public sector consider when weighing its response to the perpetrators and the victims of a cyberattack?

CXO Regional Roundtable
CXO Regional Roundtable