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November 2023


Restaurant ABarra C. del Pinar, 15, 28006 Madrid, Spain
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CXO Roundtable Madrid - The Future of Security: What 3 risks not to ignore when it comes to AI?


The AI revolution is here and it is rapidly changing the cybersecurity landscape. Join us at the CXO Madrid Roundtable for a thought-provoking discussion on AI-powered cybersecurity as we explore three key components you can't afford to ignore. Discover how AI is changing the world of cybersecurity and what it means for your business. 


Confirmed Speaker:
Elena González-Blanco, CEO & co-founder of Clibrain and expert in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation


Together, we will explore the following topics:

1. Security of AI: As AI becomes omnipresent, we must address concerns around privacy, intellectual property, governance, and ethical use. Learn how an ethical review board, data controls, access management, and dedicated AI security roles can ensure responsible use of AI.

2. AI in Defense: Explore how AI can improve cybersecurity by streamlining processes, extrapolating data sets, and reducing human error. We'll discuss how AI-assisted human efforts can lead to more efficient incident response and human-machine collaboration.

3. AI in Offense: Understand the need for security transformation to counter adversaries using AI tools. Learn how red and blue teams, GRC, privacy, identity, access management, and deception technologies can leverage AI to stay ahead in the cybersecurity game.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how you can be at the forefront of the rise of AI-powered cybersecurity.


Discussion Points

  • Ethical AI and Governance: Discuss the importance of establishing ethical use review boards, controlling data sourcing and access, and ensuring that AI deployments meet ethical standards.

  • AI's Role in Incident Response: Examine the opportunities and challenges of AI-led responses, the importance of maintaining human control, and how AI can improve the speed and efficiency of responses.

  • Zero Trust and AI: Explore how AI can play a pivotal role in achieving the principles of least privilege, continuous authentication, and micro-segmentation to strengthen security.

  • AI in Threat Situations: Analyze how cybersecurity teams can employ AI to defend against AI-driven attacks, focusing on phishing, malware generation, and proactive threat detection.

CXO Regional Roundtable
CXO Regional Roundtable