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December 2023


Le Cercle d’Aumale, 22, Rue d’Aumale, Paris 9e
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CXO Roundtable Paris - Top 2024 predictions and how to prepare

2023 has been turbulent, with inflation continuing to grow and political tensions at breaking point. The technology industry is still reeling from its post-pandemic slump as companies seek greater efficiency, streamlined processes, and cost containment. Organizations strive to transform their operations to maximize gains from automation and digitization to stay competitive.

Will 2024 continue this trend, or will we expect surprises in the year ahead? Here are some of the top predictions from Zscaler, provider of the cloud-native Zero Trust Exchange™ platform that secures users, workloads, IoT/OT, and B2B connectivity.

Discussion Topic 1: AI-operated social engineering to increase

  • Phishing and malware generation is going to get a lot more sophisticated in the coming years. What examples have you seen or heard about that are AI-enhanced and the methods to mitigate them?

  • Adversaries are using AI tools to supercharge their effectiveness. How are you arming your defenders to meet this challenge?

  • Have you considered using deception as a weapon to tip the scales back in your favor? Why or why not?

Discussion Topic 2: GenAI will expand the attack surface across the data level

  • Employees continue to paste sensitive data into GenAI, knowingly or unknowingly, posing a severe threat of data exfiltration for organizations. What policies have you created at your organization to prevent data loss?

  • What kind of data comprises the crown jewels in your org: Source code, internal business information, personal Identifiable Information (PII), etc., and what steps are you taking to protect it?

  • Which tools do you use to classify data into risk categories and implement security measurements accordingly to prevent IP leakage?

CXO Regional Roundtable
CXO Regional Roundtable