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February 2023


Balthazar Le Petit Salon Privé 4-6 Russell Street London WC2B 5HZ
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Cybersecurity leadership and the psychological attack surface

The stark truth: The sophistication of cyberattacks rivals the bleeding edge of digital innovation with social engineering, automation, AI, and deep fakes among the tools in circulation for bad actors increasingly focusing campaigns on specific users rather than broad networks and IT infrastructure. Understanding these new threat vectors and how they're expanding the "blast radius" and impacting individuals is pertinent to technology leaders who understand the implications of a single compromised employee. Join us for this memorable educational experience where you'll arm yourself with fresh ideas and practical action items to help contain this wave of targeted, human-centered attacks before they harm your organization. 

Host and session leader Kavitha Mariappan EVP, Customer Experience & Transformation, Zscaler, brings a seasoned, global perspective that energizes and motivates intimate groups of highly qualified attendees to share openly and derive solutions.

Potential Discussion Topics

  • How can cybersecurity technology better contend against creative manipulation and human behavior engineering that fatigues users to give up credentials or accept 2FA/MFA requests?

  • Social media messaging apps are an easy way for imposters to trick people into revealing sensitive information. What have you done as part of your security awareness training to help stop such fraudsters from exploiting end users?

  • What nontraditional cybersecurity measures have you proposed or observed as a way to subvert social engineering attacks?

  • Has phishing or pretexting been a problem for you, and what steps have you taken to counter them?

  • Which industries in this country have been the most targeted, and what could be the reason why?

  • Well-researched attacks target victims during busy times of the year or are timed with major events like World Cup. Do you have any examples of such tactics?

  • What challenges persist for your remote/hybrid workforce from a security perspective?

  • Have you or do you plan to use zero trust principles like least-privileged or just-in-time access control?

  • Data privacy regulations between Europe and US are in flux. Will the new Data Privacy Framework meet the requirements of the EU, or will we need a Schrems III? What is your position?

  • Have you ever had to comply with a GDPR personal data access request? What was your experience?

CXO Regional Roundtable
CXO Regional Roundtable