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November 2021


Scott’s Restaurant —  The Platinum Arowana Room;   20 Mount Street,  London,  W1K 2HE
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Practicing IT in Challenging Jurisdictions

Global organisations have a long reach, and often have a very western view of business practices. With GDPR, companies must take special care to operate in Europe. As other regions around the world follow suit, such as China’s newly enacted PIPL, it falls to technology leaders to make sense of varying data residency, data privacy and even Internet access protocols across jurisdictions. In this CXO Regional Roundtable, join peers to discuss difficulties and share strategies for operating in regions including China and the Middle East.

Discussion Topic 1: Respecting The Law

  • How are you addressing censorship, data privacy and data residency?

  • How are you aligning practices to comply with extraterritorial guidelines?

Discussion Topic 2: Finding the Right Balance

  • How much trust is OK? Do you segment your assets? How can you apply contextual trust to application access from these jurisdictions?

  • Is carving out a chunk of the business to run semi-independently a good option?

CXO Regional Roundtable
CXO Regional Roundtable