Zero Trust

The CIO Evolution podcast - This thing called zero trust: How CIOs use it to drive strategic value

Jul 29, 2021
This thing called zero trust

In this first episode of The CIO Evolution podcast, moderator and CIO Les Ottolenghi talks with former Great-West Life CIO Phil Armstrong and Zscaler Sr. Dir. of Transformation Strategy Dan Shelton about what Zero Trust really means and how it helps connect the dots for digital transformation at large enterprises.

Listen to the conversation for insights into:

  1. What is working and not working in cybersecurity and the strategic role in plays in transformation enablement  
  2. The true meaning and purpose of zero trust and how it helps CXOs and tech leaders overcome a "perfect storm" of requirements and constraints
  3. The challenges that companies face when attempting to implement a zero trust architecture
  4. Starting a zero trust deployment

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