Zero Trust

CIOs and CISOs: from strange bedfellows to power couple

Aug 12, 2021
Digital transformation, zero trust, and innovation

In this episode of the CIO Evolution podcast, moderator and CIO Les Ottolenghi talks with former BMW CIO Klaus Straub and former financial industry CISO John Meakin about how digital transformation, innovation, and security require alignment between the CIO and CISO, especially when it comes to governance, compliance, and risk. 

Listen to the conversation to learn about:

  • The value proposition of zero trust for CIOs and CISOs
  • How CIOs and CISOs can collaborate to enable the business
  • The relationship between governance, compliance, and risk management and how it fits into the CIO/CISO relationship
  • The role of zero trust to drive innovation
  • The exciting disruption ahead for the auto industry


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