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Getting practical with generative AI: A special report

Mar 20, 2023
Generative AI hub

If there were ever a technology that accelerated from 0 to 60 as fast as a McLaren hypercar, it would be OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The record-breaking human-like AI bot mushroomed to 100 million users within the first two months of its launch and 13 million daily visitors in January. 

The internet is buzzing with generative AI debate and discussion, with pundits suggesting money-making ideas, technocrats issuing polarizing prophecies, and influencers posting “guess if this is real or fake” content on social media. 

The enthusiasm is also present in all corners of the enterprise, where the movement garners serious thought. Debated for years, the impact of AI on productivity, job destruction, job creation, data privacy, and cybersecurity is suddenly visceral and urgent. The very nature of creativity, digital ownership, and intelligence are on the table.

Our coverage of artificial intelligence and machine learning goes back to the beginning of CXO Revolutionaries about two years ago, logically focusing on applications in cybersecurity, such as threat intelligence. Today the spotlight is on large language models, conversational user interfaces, and other supporting technologies that underpin emerging offerings like the recently launched large multimodal model, Chat-GPT4. We face a tectonic shift in generating insights, speeding up workflows, fighting cyber attacks, and developing software.  

In this collection, we revisit our catalog of related AI content, with Zscaler VP of AI/ML Howie Xu primarily at the helm. Xu and his team recently built ZChat to demonstrate the potential of virtual assistants to help generate answers, insights, and decision support at unprecedented speed and ease. According to Xu, “The transition to Conversation UI (CUI) will be bigger than the transition from Command Line Interface (CLI) to Graphical User Interface (GUI).”

Settle in and enjoy this curated evolutionary tour of AI in the enterprise:

April 2, 2023

Age of Copilot + Age of Responsible AI + Age of Vertical Disruptions

Check out the latest weekly top 10 generative AI highlights and insights from Howie Xu. 

March 30, 2023

CXOs stress responsibility and caution with generative AI

Elon Musk and some prominent AI luminaries are urging a pause on high-end LLM model training, citing “risks to society.” Should we heed this warning, or is it overblown? Howie Xu joined Microsoft, Swisscom, and HiSolutions AG experts and dozens of #CIOs to discuss such issues and separate hype from facts. Get the takeaways

March 26, 2023

Generative AI edition of March Madness

Howie Xu picks the latest top 10 generative AI stories, confessing that it's "super hard" to do. Any would have made the top 10 stories of the year in the past decade. "That's how fascinating the AI world we live in today is," he says. Check out the list.  

March 21, 2023

Last week's AI's quantum leap - there are decades where nothing happens and weeks where decades happen

Howie Xu notes that during the week of March 13, 2023, 10 significant product stories occurred that would typically take a few years. How's that for exponential change? Explore the advancements on the Subtack post. 

March 16, 2023

Microsoft and Zscaler: CoPilot/ZChat and future enterprise app's platform in the Generative AI era 

Howie Xu examines the future of intelligent and conversational UI-based enterprise software envisioned by Zscaler and Microsoft. Read more on LinkedIn.  

March 13, 2023

ChatGPT-style AI for CXOs in action

Personalized and role-specific, a new wave of virtual assistants is poised to upend everything from dashboards and time-to-insight to app interfaces and workflows. However, with that power comes peril, as AI-related security, bias, and trust issues spur debate. Zscaler’s Sr. Vice President of New Initiatives, Raj Krishna, and Howie Xu, Vice President of AI and Machine Learning and creator of ZChat, unpack the latest in AI developments.


March 1, 2023

ZChat Demo


Learn more: How personalized ChatGPT will give superpowers to every CIO (video demo)

December 13, 2022

Four ways AI/ML can make a real difference for your cybersecurity

In this video, VP of Transformation Strategy and Field CTO Sanjit Ganguli explains the practical, tactical AI/ML applications Zscaler employs to protect its users. 


December 9, 2022

Zero trust, as explained by a pirate (with help from ChatGPT)
OpenAI's ChatGPT is turning lots of heads on the internet. A technologist considers the implications of this type of AI on cybersecurity. And makes it talk like a pirate. Read more

November 7, 2022

How AI/ML assists in solving the unsolvable in cybersecurity 

Scalability may be cybersecurity’s saving grace, and AI can enable it. Howie Xu, Zscaler VP of machine learning and AI, explains how his team is going the distance to solve one of cybersecurity’s thorniest problems: augmenting human intelligence where it would otherwise be spread too thin. Tune in to learn how collaborating with domain experts allows algorithms to keep pushing the limits of threat discovery, intrusion detection, and policy configurations.


July 27, 2022

The power of prediction: Harnessing AI and ML for cybersecurity

Get up to speed on the art and science of training models, big data sets, and limitations and possibilities for AI in cybersecurity and beyond. Zscaler Vice President of AI and Machine Learning Howie Xu has pioneered applying conventional and AI/ML methodologies to cybersecurity since the late 1990s. In this episode, he is joined by VP and CISO AMS - Brad Moldenhauer, and host Sean Cordero to discuss the state of applied ML and AI and the future.


December 19, 2021

C-suite lessons in AI fairness and explainability with C Minds, a women-led action tank

Special guest Claudia May Del Pozo, director of the Eon Resilience Lab at C Minds shares an important perspective on AI fairness and inclusion. C Minds is a women-led action tank that works in the intersection of new technologies, society, and the environment, with a strong focus in Latin America. It achieves this by designing digital policies and ethical frameworks and deploying initiatives that harness artificial intelligence (“AI”) to advance sustainable development goals.


November 19, 2021

The state of artificial intelligence, trust, and cybersecurity

Howie Xu, VP of ML/AI, and Ken Urquhart, Global Vice-President, 5G explore AI, trust, cybersecurity, and the top concerns, such as ethics, bias, and fairness. AI is poised to redefine the basis of knowledge, revealing insights and truths beyond human intelligence's scope. Are we ready? 


April 27, 2021

How and When to Embed Machine Learning in Your Product

To help companies think about building ML into their product infrastructures at scale, Capital G held a Q&A session with Howie Xu. Read the interview on the Zscaler blog.