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Known unknowns: Refining your approach to uncategorized web traffic

Mar 27, 2023
Refining your approach to uncategorized web traffic

Cybersecurity is such a complex field that even the best-trained, best-equipped, and most experienced security managers will sometimes struggle to decide which of several paths to take.

Let’s consider uncategorized web traffic, for instance. I define this broadly as traffic involving sites that aren’t yet classified, can’t be classified (because they’re newly created or they involve parked or newly reactivated domains), or traffic that is (for now) unresolvable via standard domain name lookup.

Since users can and will travel the web as they see fit, they inevitably will browse an uncategorized site. Security managers therefore must create security policies to handle and secure it. And that’s not an easy thing to do because of the awkward question it introduces: How can you secure a class of traffic you don’t yet know anything about and can’t define?

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