Emerging Threats

Let’s get active about defense

Aug 31, 2021
Let’s get Active about Defense

The Zscaler CISO team has been actively engaged with customers on various threat prevention and detection strategies for SecOps maturity. The problem in this area today is apparent: alert fatigue, false positives, data paralysis, complexity, ineffectiveness. This suggests transformational change is required to protect against the threatscape that continues to expand the sophistication of its arsenal.

Enter Active Defense (aka Adversary Engagement) and its human threat focus, to proactively combat the threat through engagement, disruption, and asymmetry.  The Zscaler CISO team is joined by one of the pioneers in the Active Defense space, Sahir Hidayatullah, to investigate this capability and how he sees this capability working in a zero-trust environment. Discussion topics include:

  • The current shortcomings or gaps with conventional threat detection capabilities and techniques
  • Active Defense and MITRE Engage
  • Active Defense disrupting the cyber kill chain
  • Active Defense case studies
  • What if Active Defense was in place at Colonial Pipeline? 

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