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A revolutionary year: Celebrating the CXO REvolutionaries community on its first birthday

Apr 19, 2022
Celebrating the CXO REvolutionaries community on its first birthday

It’s been quite the year. Though it feels like a lifetime ago in cybersecurity, the Colonial Pipeline, JBS, and Kaseya attacks and vulnerabilites like Log4J delivered one heart-pounding moment after another. In only the last few months, we've worried about the outbreak of all-out cyberwarfare between Russia and Ukraine, seen ransomware push a century-old HBC to the brink of closing, and watched new hacking groups like LAPSUS$ rise to infamy. For enterprise CXO leaders, it can sometimes seem like the threat actors are winning.

But they’re not. A determined band of CXO revolutionaries is waging the good digital transformation fight. And they’re telling their stories in the Zscaler CXO REvolutionaries community, which today celebrates the first anniversary of its launch.

With the objective to empower, foster, and connect CXO leaders embarking on digital transformation journeys, the CXO REvolutionaries site went live on April 20, 2021. Designed for enterprise CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, and architects, CXO REvolutionaries has always been more than just a website. It’s a forum for cybersecurity experts to meet, communicate, and share their expertise in digital transformation. (I like to think of it as a community of good allied against the forces of evil cyberthreats.)

In the year since CXO REvolutionaries launched, we’ve seen tremendous growth in its multimedia content, membership, and contribution. A few key first-anniversary milestones:

  • More than 200 media pieces – articles, videos, podcasts – have been published.
  • Some 50 CXO REvolutionaries have entered the fray, sharing their wisdom, best practices, and experiences leading digital transformation initiatives in their respective enterprises.

We’ve seen the pool of contributors and the editorial team expand as the channel has grown. In addition, we’ve developed new media and content sections:

When we launched the platform last April, I called the CXO REvolutionaries for whom the site was designed “true pioneers.” Their work has pioneering. But I need to call them out for what they really are: true revolutionaries on the front lines against cyberthreats, modernizing IT,  and paving the way for digital adoption and innovation within their organizations. By highlighting their expertise through successful thought leadership, events, insights, and community, we’ve been able to help other enterprise leaders seeking to drive digital transformation in their organizations.

The revolution has only just begun. Join the conversation, the community of like-minded innovators, and the CXO revolution.

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