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Surveying the landscape of digital transformation & the art of the possible [podcast]

Sep 23, 2021
Surveying the landscape of digital transformation & the art of the possible

Organizations are in a tech arms race to meet shifting customer demands, deliver on business imperatives, and avoid disruption. C-level leaders and board of directors across every industry and subsector are turning to the cloud and the secure internet to deliver on new and compelling value propositions for customers.

In the season one finale, Andy Brown, Zscaler board member, and CEO at Sand Hill East uncovers how enterprise leaders must communicate technology transformation to the board in the language of the business.

The conversation is a tour de force well-suited as the season finale. Listen now for significant insights and observations about the state of business technology, including: 

  • The hybridization of every sub-vertical in the world is––companies that had no real reason to be in the digital computing space before do now
  • The limitations of a "lift and shift" strategy to the cloud 
  • How companies can become more customer-centric vs. product-centric and the role of digitalization in that evolution 
  • Why CEOs have become the leaders of the move to the digital
  • CIOs can help the executive committee and the board think much more broadly about what the role of the company is in customer's lives
  • Risk doesn't just apply to cyber threats, but also to the disruption of business models

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