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Unpacking the greatest hits of the CISO Exchange

Mar 14, 2023
The CISO's Gambit

Zscaler CISO-Americas Benjamin Corll and Brad Moldenhauer join host Sean Cordero to discuss the hottest cybersecurity topics at Miami's recent Global CISO Exchange. Sean delves into their experience to uncover what security executives are discussing today. What problem has CISOs brainstorming in their hallway conversations? Where do industry leaders believe AI/ML is headed? Why are some businesses still afraid of the cloud?

Discover these answers, then hear what Zscaler CEO, Jay Chaudry, and CrowdStrike CEO, George Kurtz, said about partners, integration, and the future of cybersecurity.

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The CISO's Gambit podcast is a pragmatic cyber risk dialogue between cyber security leaders from leading organizations, like Zscaler. Topics span technical and non-technical aspects of cyber risk, cybersecurity, privacy, transformational change management, and the evolving role of the CISO as a thought leader and change agent. The podcast covers current risks, what's on horizon, and how CISOs can help deliver business value that lowers risks, flattens the total cost of controls, and reduces security friction on user experience and business velocity. You can subscribe to the podcast feed on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.