Zero Trust

Zero Trust: Better at the edge or the endpoint?

Jul 13, 2021
SASE and endpoint security

The Zscaler CISO team recently tackled recurring questions about Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): What does it mean for endpoint security? Is it a realistic option to base your security stack? Here’s what Brad Moldenhauer, Zscaler CISO - Americas, has to say:


Similar to other SASE use cases like zero trust and secure web gateway, endpoint security is essential. Endpoint security doesn’t require hardware so that you can continue to work solely with software-defined and cloud-delivered solutions. By unifying features that include endpoint security, SASE solutions enable a user-centric approach for organizations. To manage the risks of the work-from-anywhere landscape, consider which devices users prefer, what operating systems they use, and from which networks they connect. A unified secure edge network and endpoint security will learn from each other and can inoculate business and data assets through telemetry sharing. This ultimately augments your security posture and visibility, which is essential for CISOs as enterprise risk can be seen, managed and mitigated.


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